Bridging the Digital Divide 1 PC at a time.


Program Vision

“To bridge the digital divide and help our neighbors access and leverage technology for knowledge, opportunity and prosperity.”

Program Mission

“Provide neighbors with their 1st Family PC and Internet Access in their home to learn, access services, build skills and engage the digital world.”

The Program

Take unneeded PCs (Windows computers – desktop and notebooks) and repurpose them with ChromeOS and distribute them to families (for Free & needs based) in our local communities – ideally within the same Zipcode.

In 2019, my family and I repurposed and distributed over 70 PCs working with local Public Schools, Big Brothers & Big Sisters, and Urban League. Now we’re preparing to scale to serve more families in your neighborhood AND we need your help to do it!

NOTE: We are not a Charity – we are simply doing what’s needed & right. Through collaboration with our family, friends, business partners & community partners we can bridge the digital divide.

Stage 1 – Access

Deliver families their Free PC & getting Online

Stage 2 – Knowledge

Help families build their initial Digital Life Skills (Browsing, Searching, Emailing, etc.) with FREE Online Courses by eSANGHE.

Stage 3 – Opportunity

Help families build their base Digital Business Skills (Researching, Docs, Sheets, Slides etc) with FREE Online Courses by eSANGHE.

Stage 4 – Prosperity

Help families build their marketable Digital Production Skills with FREE Online Courses by eSANGHE.

Successful learners will have an opportunities to participate in projects with eSANGHE (paid projects) and learn to build their own Gig Work Businesses.

    Remember your 1st Book or Computer?

    We know the importance of a child’s 1st book and home library for their development. We make the case that a 1st PC is equally if not more important to the family.

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    Advocacy & Equipment Pipeline

    • Share our Visoin & Mission
    • Make introductions to potential collaborators
    • Commit equipment to the program
    • Pledge future equipment to the program


    Repurposing & Distribution

    • Learn to