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RepurTECH – Repurposing Technology

“Hey Dad – Why are we not recycle computers?”

The questions was innocently posed by son Aayan during a conversation about plastic bottles and alternative options like re-usable metal bottles.

What if we could address three objectives with one initiative?

  1. Reduce the Digital Divide in our immediate Zipcode – provide families with their first in-home Computer & Internet Access.
  2. Delay Technology Trash by extending the life of existing Notebooks, PCs (and soon other devices).

The Program

RepurTECH (Repurposing Technology) is a new program that eSANGHE experimented with and piloted in 2019 to achieve 3 goals:

  • Serving our Neighbors – paying it forward and bridging the digital divide
  • Helping our Environment – maximizing the life of the technology we have
  • Minimizing our Digital Footprint – focusing on what we need and sharing the extra we have

The Process

  1. Take an existing working computer (notebook or desktop) that has reached it’s limit as a Windows device (O/S issues, storage, licensing).
  2. Wipe the device clean (format the hard drive to remove the OS, applications and data) and install Google Chrome O/S.

Special Thanks

Connecting programs to community takes leaders & teamwork.

I would like to thank Plumosa School of the Arts (Principal Cathy Reynolds) and Roots & Wings (Theodore Hoskinson) for their guidance and support in moving a Question to an Idea to a Program.


May 24, 2019 – Program Launch
eSANGHE donated 6 RepurTECH notebooks and 2 RepurTECH desktops to families with children attending Plumosa School of the Arts.

MORE to come very soon… Alpesh