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Bridging the Divide

Program Vision

“To Bridge the Divide by SeedingACCESS – investing in others and helping our neighbors access and leverage technology for knowledge, opportunity and prosperity.”

Program Mission

“Provide neighbors with their 1st Family PC and Internet Access in their home to learn, access services, build skills and engage the digital world.”

Our Challenge: Digital Divide

The Digital Divide separates those who have ready access to computers and the internet, from those who do not. This division shows an average of 1 in 6 families having no access and in many zip codes, that number exceeds 1 in 2 families. Palm Beach County has over 92,000 families (Census 2018) needing access.

Families without access face greater difficulty with education, information, connection, and public services. The REAL cost: households without access earn 55% less income, and were expected to live 8.4 years less.

And in 2020, the pandemic has further complicated the need as most public services require an online form.

Our Approach: Revitalize & Invest

In 2019, eSANGHE started experimenting with retired Windows devices (notebooks, laptops, and desktops) and started an internal program to repurpose those devices with the criteria of Easy Repurposing, Existing Support, and Respect Licensing.

A few months of tinkering and experimenting led us to one solution that satisfied all of our criteria. CloudReady by Neverware (a Chrome Operating System) delivers:

  • A robust, secure, and supported Chrome OS
  • Rapid upgrade path (16GB USB Build, <1hr)
  • Erases all existing Windows & Files
    (Secure/Auditable options available)
  • Vibrant ecosystem: Gmail, G Suite Education, and Google Workplace
    Home Use Licensing if FREE

As of December 2021, we have revitalized and invested our 535th device at Zero Cost to the recipient family through our Nonprofit partners. Our program is named SeedingACCESS.

Remember your 1st Book or Computer?

We know the importance of a child’s 1st book and home library for their development. We make the case that a 1st PC is equally if not more important to the family.


eSANGHE has been committed to serving the needs of our communities with a focus on Leadership, Literacy, and Empowerment of our Youth and Families since it’s founding 2002 – “Smile and Serve Others to their Delight!”

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